Get the Most out of Your Test Drive!

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Tips on Test-Driving a Vehicle Properly

If you’re about to purchase a vehicle, test-drive it before finalizing your purchase – no matter how good the expert reviews concerning your chosen vehicle are. Also, simply taking your preferred buy for a spin will not do much in terms of verifying the promised credentials. You must know how to test-drive, so here are some handy tips to help out –

Check for how quiet the cabin space is by holding a conversation with the dealership assistance accompanying you. You will want to have a conversation comfortably within your car when driving your family/friends around.

Carry all your standard daily essentials with you and check whether the vehicle offers enough console space to accommodate all of them.

Configure the driver’s seat to your ideal position, and then get out and check if the person behind you has enough legroom for a comfortable ride.

Try to drive the car onto an empty stretch of road so that you can check for speed, suspension, and overall control provided to the driver at high speeds.

If possible, test-drive the vehicle post-sunset so that you can check how well the headlights work. If that isn’t possible, drive it through a nearby tunnel. It will also enable you to examine how visible the controls on your dashboard are in the dark. 

Drive the vehicle into a parking lot, park it, and navigate out of the space. When you purchase a vehicle, you will park and unpark it several times. So it’s obvious that you’d want to know just how well your chosen vehicle fares.

Try out the infotainment system and connectivity options. Connect your phone to the vehicle’s system and sample how well the voice recognition works. 

Lastly, just notice how you feel inside. Is it what you expected it to be? Can you imagine yourself driving around in this car for the years to come?

If the answer to the above report positive, go ahead and shake hands with the dealer. If not, you will be happy you gave yourself the time and space to make such an important decision as buying a car.

Source: Unsplash