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Do I Really Need To Be Concerned About Routine Maintenance For My Jeep?

The simple answer is, Yes! Today's vehicles are pretty easy to take care of and maintain, for the most part. Put some air in the tires, get regular oil changes and tune-ups, and you're good to go. But if you really want to maximize your dollars at the gas pump and keep your vehicle running for a long time to come, then maintaining your Jeep, beyond the occasional repair, is important. Following the maintenance and service schedule laid out by your manufacturer is vitally important to the longevity and health of your vehicle.

Outside of your routine scheduled service, here are some signs your vehicle may need service and you need to immediately contact your local Jeep dealership for a service appointment:

  • Engine leaking fluids
  • Loud engine noises
  • Smoke escaping from beneath the hood
  • Visible damage to an engine component
  • Dashboard engine icon not lighting up when the engine starts
  • Dashboard engine icon lighting up when the engine starts, but not turning off

Benefits of keeping your engine properly tuned and following your maintenance schedule:

  • Gas mileage improved by up to 4%
  • Fuel efficiency improved by up to 40% if serious maintenance problems are fixed, such as a faulty oxygen sensor
  • Can help enhance operation and reliability
  • Can help prevent unexpected failures

If you have any questions about your Jeep warranty or about any of our services offered by our excellent service center, please contact us at Kelly Jeep, or schedule a service appointment today!

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