RAM 1500 Storage and Towing Capacity

In the market for a truck to tow over a tent or boat for your next vacation? The Ram 1500 will give you the level of storage and towing capacity you need for work and play. In this article, we look at the Ram 1500, specifically in terms of these features.


Even with its capacity to pull weight, the Ram 1500 can be fitted with beds of two different lengths. These are a 5-foot 7-inch bed and the longer 6-foot 4-inch bed. The maximum volume of the Ram 1500 bed reaches 61.5 cubic feet, giving you enough room to fit your supplies and tools. Packing in your supplies is a breeze with the power-release tailgate. 

If you want to add even more storage, you can add the RamBox Cargo Management System. This system features two storage bins on the side of the truck with locking and draining features.

Towing Capacity

The Ram 1500 is built with a high-strength steel frame that gives it the rigidity and high capacity required to carry heavy loads. The three engine options also contribute to giving different levels of towing capacity. 

The Pentastar V6 engine comes in first with a towing capacity of 7,730 pounds. The HEMI 8 engine allows towing capacities of 11,610 pounds. The HEMI 8 engine with eTorque tops the chart with a whopping 12,750 pounds towing capacity. The new EcoDiesel V6, launched in 2020, boasts a towing capacity of 12,560 pounds.

On top of the impressive towing capacity mentioned above, the Ram 1500 can also be configured for up to 2,300 pounds of payload capacity. Payload capacity refers to the highest weight that can be carried in the cabin and truck bed.

Fitted with technology like Trailer Sway Control and a rear back up camera, the Ram 1500 considers safety too. The Trailer Sway Control automatically applies individual brakes and moderates engine power to steady the load carried. With the rear back up camera, it is much easier to line up your truck to connect to your load.

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Source: RAM