How to Program Garage Door Opener to Your Jeep

Jeep vehicles have now been incorporated with a Homelink system, which enables them to connect to their garage doors to open or close the gates with just one touch of a dial inside the car. 

The HomeLink system has been growing in reputation with every carmaker in the country owing to the ease of access it provides. However, setting it up can be quite a tiring and bewildering experience. 

Continue reading to learn FAQs related to programming your Jeep to a garage door opener.

Program Jeep to Garage

How to Program Garage Door Opener

How Much Information About Garage Doors Can Be Stored In This Homelink System?

The HomeLink system of your Jeep has been designed to store the codes of three garage entrances simultaneously. 

This information is particularly useful when you are buying a second-hand Jeep or selling your possession to another owner. To delete existing Homelink codes, hold down the first and third buttons of the Homelink system. Momentarily, the electronic vehicle information center should display "Clearing Channels." 

How Can I Pair My New Jeep To A Garage Door Opener?

1. Take your old garage door opener and keep it around 3 inches away from the Homelink system of your vehicle. Select one of the buttons of your Homelink system to act as the garage door opening switch for all future uses. Push these buttons together for about 10 seconds. 

2. The EVIC of your car should be displaying the message "Training" by now. Once it changes to"Trained," let go of the two buttons. 

3.   If "Trained" doesn't appear even after a while, don't worry. This indicates that there's extra security built into your garage doors.

4. Run to your garage door and hit the "Smart/Learn" button to begin programming. Get back to your car immediately and press the Homelink button until the message on the car's EVIC shifts to "Trained."

5. The message still hasn't switched to "Trained"? Some cars take a few tries before the programming turns out perfect. Repeat step 4 once or twice, and the programming of your Jeep to a garage door opener should be complete.

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