Parts Comparison: OEM, Genuine, and Aftermarket

Often times, when we are looking for replacement parts for our vehicles, we are confronted with OEM parts, genuine parts, and aftermarket parts, and we must choose from between them. So here is a comparison between the three along with their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose better.

Genuine Parts are the ones that are made by the manufacturers of your car or have been made at the behest of the manufacturers of your vehicle. They carry the vehicle manufacturer's brand and seal and are looking like the best fit for the vehicle part being asked for. However, this viewpoint is being challenged nowadays as these parts, though coming with the vehicle manufacturer's approval, are more often than not made by a third party at the behest of the manufacturer and realistically end up costing more as the manufacturer becomes is the middleman. However, they do come with some pretty awesome warranties, and that offsets their costing a bit.

OEM Parts or the original equipment manufacturer parts are the parts that are manufactured by the third party. Although these parts are not endorsed by the vehicle manufacturers like genuine parts are, these parts are basically a component that is manufactured to the same specifications and for the same purpose as a genuine part is. They are generally cheaper than genuine parts and are virtually identical to the genuine parts which are preferred over them. They do not boast the warrantees that genuine parts do, however, and for those who wish for excellent warrantees going with genuine parts is better.

Aftermarket Parts is manufactured neither by the vehicle maker nor by the third party they have contracted but by completely different vendors who mass-produce the parts, making them cheaper alternatives. Though cheaper, they are in no way qualitatively inferior and in some cases actually boast of technological advancements due to their improved designs. They are not endorsed by the vehicle manufacturers, and therein lies their greatest weakness. However, for individuals who know what they are seeking, these are excellent and cheaper alternatives.

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Source: FCA