Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Ideally, you should change your car oil once every three months or at least, after every 5,000 miles. However, sometimes you may need to get an oil change much before the 3-month or the 5000-mile mark.

Here are 5 signs you need to keep an eye out for, which indicate that your car oil needs replacement immediately:

The oil in your oil tank is really dark and mucky

Clean oil is, well, clean. It is clear and has an amber/light brown hue. But dirty oil is usually black or dark brown. You may even find dirt in the oil tank. If this is the case, you need to get your oil changed before you ruin your oil tank and engine.

The engine is making lots of booming noises

Car oil is a lubricant, which ensures that the various parts of your engine don’t rub against each other while the car is running. If you hear booms, clicks, and deep rumbles from your engine, then its highly likely that the car oil has evaporated and needs to be topped-up.

There’s smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe

If the oil in your oil tank is leaking, it can get burnt along with the fuel when the car is running. When this happens, the burnt oil produces a dark smoke that comes out of the exhaust pipe. So get your oil tank repaired and the oil topped-up if you notice smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Your car cabin is filled with an oily smell

Just like the smoke, an oily or engine-like smell in the cabin of your car indicates that the oil has leaked. It’s best to get your engine checked, and the car oil topped up in case you smell oil in your cabin.

The “Check Engine” light is blinking

The “Check Engine” light is your car’s way of warning you that something is terribly wrong with the engine, and this often includes low levels of car oil. If you notice the light blinking, take your car to the nearest car service shop in your neighborhood.

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