Employee Pricing All Month Long at Kelly Jeep Chrysler Dodge RAM

During the entire month of November at Kelly Jeep, you can get Chrysler, Dodge, and RAM cars in Emmaus at employee pricing! This means that instead of shelling out the sticker price (MSRP), you exclusively pay the discounted costs that employees at Kelly Chrysler Dodge Jeep purchase vehicles for. 

We always yearn to provide our customers with the most reasonable, most attractive deals and believe that this is an offer you cannot miss. So head to Kelly Jeep to get your hands on the most reasonable deals for you and your family. 

More about Chrysler
Chrysler is one of the most prominent names in the auto industry. In fact, it is among the “big three” auto manufacturers in the US. For years, Americans have loved Chrysler models and have braved the streets with Chrysler vehicles. 

Chrysler manufactures luxury sedans and minivans, making it the perfect brand for families seeking a model that can transport everyone. They're also well-suited for those who seek a luxury vehicle that does not compromise on style and performance. 

More about Dodge 
Dodge represents to be a brand in the auto industry whose parent organization is, in fact, Chrysler. Currently, most of the Dodge lineup includes performance cars, like the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger. Dodge offers a few crossovers, SUVs, and passenger cars under its name as well. 

Dodge is a brand associated with extraordinary performance when driving. If you're someone who loves muscle cars or simply looking for a vehicle that won't disappoint, Dodge cars may represent the most ideal solution. Head to our car dealerships in Emmaus, PA, to grab your Dodge at employee pricing!

More about RAM
Did you know RAM is a division of Chrysler? RAM trucks are known for their incredible powertrain, impressive towing and hauling capacities, as well as their safety and comfort. 

More about Jeep
The story of JEEP is one that has strong overtones with American patriotism and valor. JEEP has emerged as one of the most sought-after automobiles in the world. With powerful engines and graceful designs, the brand's products have undoubtedly earned a spot in the greatest vehicles to ever have been made. 

For those of you with massive loads to haul, RAM trucks in Allentown, Easton, and Philadelphia may be exactly what you lack. Make sure to get them at the best prices possible from Kelly Jeep.