What’s New on the 2020 Dodge Challenger?

The Dodge Challenger is an iconic vehicle that made its debut as a 1970 model in the year 1969. Although it was similar to the third-gen Plymouth Barracuda, it offered greater interior space owing to a longer wheelbase.

There were three trim packages as a two-door convertible and hardtop. However, it offered nine options when it came to the powertrain. It underwent a significant change over the decades before the American manufacturer revived the series in 2008. Unveiling it at the Chicago Auto Show, the model garnered the attention of those who love performance, classic design cues, and modern handing and rides, all in a single package.

Fast forward to today and the American manufacturer is releasing the 2020 Dodge Challenger in Emmaus, PA. 


1. New Wheel And Finish Options

For the 2020 Dodge Challenger in Emmaus, PA, there are nine finishes and wheel options available for selection. Both the All-Wheel-Drive variants, the GT and SXT models, offer 19-inch Satin Carbon wheels as the base feature. You can also get them with the Black Noise finish, offered in the Blacktop bundle.

If you go for the GT trim, the base variant of the wheels is the 20-inch Satin Carbon. Moving on to the Performance Handling Group, special customizations for the wheels are available. In the Plus Group, the Satin Carbon Wheels are a sight for sore eyes.

2. Premium Interiors

In the 2020 Dodge Challenger, the stitching quality of the leather on the panels of the upper door and dash is top-notch. The HEMI variants come with a carbon-fiber bezel with the headliner in Dynamica Suede as an option to give the vehicle a premium feel and experience.

3. Updated Badges

There are new badges for the Challenger Scat Pack and the base model of the R/T. You will notice the HEMI badge on the fender for the R/T variant. Also, the American manufacturer placed a badge on the rear spoiler, towards the passenger side of the car.

The instrument panels of the SXT, R/T, GT, and SRT HELLCAT get new badges. This depends on the package you choose to outfit your vehicle.

If you plan to get the 2020 Dodge Challenger in Emmaus, PA, give us a call today to book a test ride!

Source: Dodge