Apple CarPlay: Everything We Know

Kelly Jeep in Emmaus, PA, sells Kelly Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and other Kelly cars with rich connectivity features, such as Apple CarPlay. 

Apple CarPlay is a nifty connectivity and infotainment software that most Kelly cars provide. If you’d rather not go for the Apple CarPlay feature, however, we ask that you dare to compare cars without Apple CarPlay with the ones that do offer this service, and you’ll see the difference! However, if you’d much rather learn about Apple CarPlay features before dropping by our showroom near Allentown, Philadelphia, and Easton, you may do so here –

Apple CarPlay Offers Seamless Phone to Car Connectivity

When a car provides Apple CarPlay connectivity, you can easily connect your phone to your car’s interface and continue to access and control your phone’s apps without ever letting your hands move away from the steering wheel. 

Apple CarPlay is compatible with most iPhone models. What it essentially does is transfer your app’s serviceability to the infotainment screen on your vehicle’s dashboard in a more simplified form. You can then use these apps without having to fiddle with your phone while you drive. 

What was once an add-on feature offered by automobile manufacturers for their cars has gradually become an indispensable connectivity feature, now equipped on most vehicles. 

What All Can You Do with Apple CarPlay?

If your model is installed with Apple CarPlay, you can connect your phone to it and use the capability to have your incoming messages read out loud to you. Similarly, you may also utilize voice command services to send other people messages.

In case you have music apps on your phone controlling your car’s playlist, you can use voice recognition to command your music app to switch to another track or playlist.

In the same vein, Apple CarPlay also lets you use navigation apps to get to your destination. 

How Do You Use It?

It is simple, really; use the USB cable provided in your car to connect with your phone. The car’s dashboard interactive smart screen will reflect your phone’s screen. You can then use Apple’s OS on the infotainment system via the touchscreen or voice command. 

Source: Pexels