Child Safety Features on the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica

With an ever-increasing number of road accidents, safety has emerged as one of the most important parameters to judge the specs of any vehicle. The Pacifica has long established itself as one of the best cars in the highly competitive minivan segment. One of the main reasons behind this is the various editions guaranteeing the sanctuary of riders seated inside. 

Chrysler Child Safety

With the revamped version of the Chrysler releasing in summer 2020, let's take a detailed look at the new child safety innovations it brings to light:

Height Adjustable Shoulder Belts

        Seat belts are the most basic form of security provided to a passenger to prevent them from being severely injured in case of a mishap. However, for seatbelts to do their work correctly, they must be completely braced around the form of the person. Keeping this in mind, the Pacifica has been equipped with height-adjustable shoulder belts to conform to the height of your little ones.

Rear Child Safety Locks 

        With this system, you can now put a special lock on the rear doors of your car, with which they only open from the outside and not from the inside. This comes quite useful and avoids mishaps, especially with growing toddlers who have a habit of exploring and touching everything around them. 

Electronic Stability Control

        Reduces traction, which leads to an overall boost in the stability of the car. The more steady your vehicle is, the less impact travels to the interiors in case a collision occurs.

Driver and Passenger Knee Airbag

        Most cars provide for an extra airbag only in the front seats to provide cushioning during a crash. However, additional airbags must be provided in the rear as well. The Pacifica has been equipped with an extra airbag in the front as well as rear seats, ensuring maximum all-round protection.

The New Pacifica is all set to hit the markets in the summer of 2020.

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Source: Chrysler